Photograph Gallery: Ikaria North

In this Gallery are photographs of places of interest North of the ridge dividing the island. Click on a picture for a larger version with a fuller caption.
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Stormy sky over Mesakti Beach

Atmospheric mirror view of Evdilos Harbour

The small dam and reservoir to the east of Christos Raches.

Moni Mounde - unoccupied convent. Interesting church - three joined together.

Mounde is high in the hills not far from Christo Raches,

Christos Raches - pedestrian area, shops, chemist, post office. Reputation for good night life in the summer - everywhere stays open 'til 2-3 am.

Nas and Temple of Artemis - restaurants, accommodation, beach (the only one where nudism is tolerated).

Armenistis - the tourist center, hotels and apartments, shops, no chemist, no cash machine.

Yialiskari, picturesque church and harbour, supermarket, beach, chemist, accommodation, fish restaurants.

Photograph across the harbour at Yialiskari in spring 2009.

The church of Ayias Georgios Dorganas inside the old castle of Koskinas.

Castle of Koskinas - church inside an old Venetian castle.

Kambos - the ancient town of Oinoe. Museum, chemist, restaurants, bars and beach (usually frequented by younger generation).

The plateia of Droutsoula, peaceful place with its magnificent plane tree. Photo taken about 2008

Castle of Kapsalino on the old ridge route from Mavrato (and Ayios) to Karavostamos. Fantastic views. Serious walk unless from OTE east along ridge.

Water Mill Ari Potamos - resurrected but not yet working again. Worth a look.

Evdilos - harbour, ticket office, ferry to Pireas and Samos and stops en route, shops, banks, cash machines, health centre (at Kerame), restaurants, car and bike hire, accommodation, police station.

Steps going up from the village towards the top (bypass) road round Evdilos.

The harbour at Evdilos after improvement in 2010.

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