Today is Tuesday, 16th August 2022 - it's Nobody's Name Day
The aim of Ikaria - Past and Present is to share with you the wonders of Ikaria - our beautifully green island in the North Aegean Sea. We will tell you stories from the past and show the island, and its people, as it is today.

A July dawn seen from Kerame. Another glorious sunny day predicted.

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Ikaria has woken up! COVID is still with us but appears to be at a manageable level. Our famous panigiria have started up again, but many locals, particularly us oldies, are still avoiding them because of the COVID risk. It is certainly a fact that the number of people turning up for COVID tests at the Health Centre in Kerame is larger in the days after a large gathering. Visitor numbers to the island are creeping up and we expect the annual huge influx during the August holiday period.

For the Brits living on the island, Brexit has meant that their EU Paramoni (residence certificate) is no longer valid. We all now have to have a global residence certificate. During the initial period after Brexit, people already with EU Paramoni could easily exchange it, with appropriate paperwork presented at the Police Station in Samos, for the new one. Now, the period of grace having expired, it is more difficult to get paramoni and application may have to be made in Mitilini (Lesbos).

Unfortunately, our webcam has ceased to function and will have to be removed from its awkward location and checked to see whether it needs replacement. Bearing in mind that we have no evidence that anyone looks at the webcam, it may be that we will not replace it at all.

What is happening in Greece? A good way to keep in touch with what is happening in Greece is to follow one or more of the following English language Greek Facebook entities:

Of course there are many Greek language Facebook entities as well.

Upload your Favourite Photo of Ikaria! We are working on an upload facility to allow anyone to upload photos to the Upload Gallery. We do not have a mobile phone app but it will be possible to upload via your mobile browser. Let us see your favourite impressions of Ikaria. The upload page is at or via the Hot Links item.

If we are to keep the website up to date, we need people to let us know what is going on on the island. There are two ways you can help. If you know of an Event due to take place you can tell us about it using the Post Event page. If you know of anything you feel ought to be in the Directory you can use the Add to Directory page.

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