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The aim of 'Ikaria - Past and Present' is to share with you the wonders of Ikaria - our beautifully green island in the North Aegean Sea. We will be presenting stories from the past and introducing you to the island, and its people, as it is today.

The small dam and reservoir to the east of Christos Raches.

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A Walk to the Menhir. This is an account of the a guided group walk to the location of the Menhirs indicated by the sign on the road down to the airport.
Karavostamos-Arethusa Loop Walk: An account of this walk has now been uploaded to the Ikaria Walks page. The old paths in this area were cleared last summer (2016) by a group based at the Ikarian Centre who cleared it and provided additional signage. It is a pleasant, short, walk up a beautiful wooded valley.
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